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Gun and Weapons Crimes

Dedicated San Francisco Attorneys Defend Individuals from Gun and Weapon Allegations

Experienced California lawyers assist with firearms cases in all courts

Allegations of illegal weapon possession, use or sale can lead to severe federal and state penalties. If you’re facing gun charges in the San Francisco area, you need an advocate who understands the relevant statutes and constitutional issues. Law Offices of Brian P. Berson attorneys help ensure that our clients’ rights are secured at every stage. Whether you’re accused of violating California laws on possession or federal regulations on weapons sales, we have the skill and experience to create a strategy designed to achieve your best possible result.

Strong representation for all types of federal weapons charges

Law Offices of Brian P. Berson in San Francisco delivers comprehensive legal support for any weapons issue governed by federal law, including:

  • Second Amendment rights
  • Brady Bill background checks
  • Alleged sale to ineligible purchasers
  • Possession in prohibited federal areas
  • Registration and weapon classification

Our attorneys have the background and knowledge to guide you through the specific rules and procedures in federal court.

Helping individuals confront alleged violations of California gun laws

If you’ve been arrested on a gun charge or other weapon issue, the firm’s lawyers can safeguard your rights for all types of allegations, including:

  • Illegal discharge of a weapon
  • Violation of concealed carry provisions
  • Use of prohibited or modified weapons
  • Breaking of possession or storage rules
  • Unlawful weapon use in a self-defense situation
  • Violation purchase or permitting requirements
  • Aggravation of other criminal charges due to weapon use

No matter the specific circumstances of your case, our attorneys have the background to explain your legal situation clearly and the skill to help deliver the best possible result.

Contact a law firm ready to fight for you in weapons litigation

If you have been accused of a weapons-related crime, you need a dedicated advocate with experience defending against all types of gun and other charges. Call 415-788-2707 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. With offices are located in San Francisco, California, Law Offices of Brian P. Berson is ready to deliver a strong defense for you in a gun case or other criminal matter.

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